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General Service Activities

Electrical Engineering

• Installation
• Commissioning
• Field Servicing
• Electrical System Upgrade


• Installation
• Commissioning
• Field Servicing
• Calibration & Troubleshooting
• Instrumentation Upgrade

Mechanical Engineering

• Installation
• Commissioning
• Field Servicing & Troubleshooting
• Static Equipment
• Rotating Equipment

Control System

• Installation
• Commissioning
• Field Servicing
• Control Systems Upgrade
• System configuration & Troubleshooting


✓ Pipeline/ spools fabrication/ welding and installation on/ off PDO sites.
✓ All related blasting and painting of all type piping and structural items on/ off PDO sites.
✓ Fabrication/ welding and installation of all type of pipe supports on/ off PDO sites.
✓ Fabrication and installation of steel structural on/ off PDO sites. Corrective and preventive maintenance of power plant
✓ maintenance of static and rotating equipment
✓ Flushing
✓ Fabrication of skid modules.
✓ Fabrication of steel boilers, vessels and tanks.
✓ Pipeline, headstream and shoe welding.
✓ Hydro testing.
✓ TIG, 6g, 3g and arc welding.
✓ All related powder coating on/ off sites.
✓ All type lathe machining jobs.
✓ Removal and installation of big size valves and spools from sites for repairing or calibration.
✓ Supply/ rental of hydraulic tools like bolt torqueing, tensioning with technicians on sites.
✓ Machining of retaining ring and other general lathe works.
✓ Qualified millwright fitter- installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles and moves machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites.
✓ Supply of cold cutting machine with technicians.
✓ Supply and Installation of RO water purification system with jumbo filter on sites.
✓ Weld repair of heavy vehicle equipment’s, earthmoving vehicles, chassis rehab etc.
✓ Fabrication of reinforcement/ strengthening of steel structures for vehicles and docks.
✓ Valve seat repairing/ flange serration.


✓ Building and construction contracts.
✓ Oil field services, construction, fencing, logistics, supply of manpower and equipment.
✓ Steel structure buildings.
✓ Plastering, painting and decoration works.
✓ Plot or location preparation.
✓ Electrical installation work and installation of alarm system.
✓ Laying and maintenance of cooking gas pipes.
✓ Water, electricity, telephone network and stations construction contracts.
✓ Various lands/ agricultural services.
✓ Trench excavation.
✓ Materials supply.
✓ Mobile welding (24-hour service calls and on-site emergency cases).
✓ Shuttering molds for concreting and related civil works.
✓ Miscellaneous weld repair works.
✓ Other services like hydro testing, pneumatic testing etc.
✓ Certified 6G welders in TIG welding/ arc welding and torch cutting operations.
✓ Blasting and painting.
✓ Hot and colds insulation.
✓ Aluminum welding and steel fabrication/ scaffolding.
✓ Structural Fabrication and Installation.


✓ Comprehensive electrical Supervisor Team.
✓ Industrial Electrification.
✓ All Switchgears, LVAC, DCDB & Battery Bank etc. Panel Installation as per the Drawings
✓ All HV & MV Cabling
✓ Glanding & Termination
✓ End Termination (Up to 11kV)
✓ Street Lighting works
✓ Data cabling installations
✓ Cable tray Installation
✓ Professional electrical installations
✓ Full building electrical fitouts
✓ Electrical maintenance and remedial repairs
✓ Internal and external lighting


We have completed many successful projects which have the expertise of providing pipeline installations from 2 feet to 10 feet diameter extending to hundreds of kilometers if required. If you are looking forward to tying up a group of newly drilled oil or natural gas wells to processing plants or a centralized oil battery, then you are at the right place. Please feel free to contact us for your pipeline requirements and we are happy to provide you end to end solutions for all your pipeline installation needs:

✓ Pre-construction survey: Before construction begins, crews survey environmental features along proposed pipeline segments. Utility lines and agricultural drainages are located and marked to prevent accidental damage during pipeline construction. Next, the pipeline’s centerline and the exterior right of way boundaries are staked.

Clearing and grading: The pipeline right of way is cleared of vegetation. Temporary erosion control measures are installed prior to any earth-moving activities.

Trenching: Topsoil is removed from the work area and stockpiled separately in agricultural areas. Crews use backhoes or trenching machines to excavate a pipeline trench. The soil that is excavated during ditching operations is temporarily stockpiled on the non-working side of the trench.

Pipe stringing: Individual joints of pipe are strung along the right of way adjacent to the excavated ditch and arranged so they are accessible to construction personnel. A mechanical pipe-bending machine bends individual joints of pipe to the desired angle at locations where there are significant changes in the natural ground contours or where the pipeline route changes direction.

✓ Welding and coating pipe: After the stringing and bending are complete, the pipe sections are aligned, welded together, and placed on temporary supports along the edge of the trench. All welds are then visually, and radio graphically inspected. Line pipe, normally mill-coated or yard-coated prior to stringing, requires a coating at the welded joints. Prior to the final inspection, the entire pipeline coating is electronically inspected to locate and repair any coating faults or voids.

✓ Lowering pipe in and backfilling: The pipe assembly is lowered into the trench by side- boom tractors. The trench is backfilled using a backfilling or bladed equipment; no foreign materials are permitted in the trench.

✓ Testing: After backfilling, the pipeline is hydrostatically tested following federal regulations. Test water is obtained and disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

✓ Restoration: Our policy is to clean up and restore the work area as soon as possible. After the pipeline is backfilled and tested, disturbed areas are restored as close as possible to their original contours. Restoration measures are maintained until the area is restored, as closely as possible, to its original condition. IX. Special Land Considerations: Projects are designed to minimize the impact to residential areas, as well as agricultural lands. Land disturbed during the construction period will be returned to as close to original condition as possible. Agricultural lands will be properly restored using approved, modern mitigation techniques designed to ensure full productive reuse of the agricultural lands.